About me

My name is Irene Drexhage, I am 35 years old and I live in Utrecht. At my practice at home I guide people to come into contact with their body, feelings and energy. And I help them to release tension, pain and energy that is stuck.

I find it special to descend to a deeper layer of consciousness in healing and women's circles. I would like to help you to get in touch with your body, your energy, your feelings, and your less conscious layers of yourself that go beyond your thinking. To release what wants to flow through. And that you can let go of what wants to be released. The energy and your body as a compass. I enjoy it when I see people come into a deep relaxation and when I hear back the experiences and insights afterwards.

Be welcome for a healing or at a women's circle

My process

As a common thread I see that I have been strongly focused on my environment, in order to meet the expectations of others. To prove that I'm worth it. I've come to believe I had to do something to be good enough. Always a step harder, better and more. A snowboarding accident was a moment when I came to a standstill. This accelerated my process that I started to look inside, to feel, to (re) discover who I was. To connect with who I really am and discover that you don't have to do anything to be worth living.

Already on the "consciousness path" I became over-stimulated in a "burnout" a few years later. This has taught me to listen even better to my body. We don't have to pretend we are different. Allow yourself the freedom to explore what you enjoy and that you can really enjoy doing it and not just focus on the end goal. That is life for me.

Every day I still discover more of my own "gift", the shaman, in me. My 'high sensitivity' and sensitiveness, which I can use in my healing, women's work and with horses. I believe everyone has their own passions and contribution in this world. Every person also has self-healing ability and sometimes it is nice to be guided in addressing or discovering this.




I followed a 2-year education in healing at the Center for Life and Intuition (2016-2018) I also followed an integral massage training at the massage school Essotera (2019). In addition, I attended and followed various courses and workshops in the field of bodywork, tantra, meditation, breathwork and voice liberation.

After my study Administration and Organizational Sciences, I focused on the people in organizations and change processes. I had a windsurfing school and worked for different local governments (Sports In Amsterdam, Culture in Soest) and later in mental health care where I gained experience in guiding and coaching people.