During a healing I invite you to dive inwards. To feel with attention what is currently living in you. The touch can help to get more in touch with your body.

Your body shows you the way.


What is a Holistic bodywork?

My holistic treatments are a combination of touch of your physical body and attention for your energetic body. I help you to sink into your body and to release tensions or blockages on a physical and energy level. Things you've held on to, places that are sensitive or hurt. When these blockages are released, space is created to let go and for rest and relaxation. A moment when your body can express itself. You can "land" in your body. Breathing space, space to let go, for new life energy, for you.

During a healing I follow your body, energy and my intuition, I do not follow fixed patterns or symmetry. Gentle laying on of hands and silence alternate with sometimes deeper pressure or more movement if places require it.


We start your session with a cup of tea. What brings you to me? Do you have a certain area in your body that requires attention? Or a theme that is present in your life at the moment. Then you can take place at the massage table. I work on the clothes. It is nice if you can wear thin flexible clothing without a zipper or buttons (for example: leggings or chillpants and a t-shirt). We conclude with a short debriefing about your and mine experiences of the healing. The days after the healing you are free to contact me if someting comes up later.


1.5 hours session € 90

1 hour session €65,-

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