Holistic bodywork | Healing Massage for women

& Horsemanship 

An invitation to go inwards. A moment to connect with your body, to feel what is there.

Since I started with bodywork and energywork, a new world has opened up for me. We often cannot understand everything by thinking and reasoning. Because there is more than we can think of. And the more we include, the more we can feel, experience and discover. If you come into contact with your thoughts, your body, your energy and your feelings, space will be created. Insights will follow. With releases you create space for your energy flow, you become more embodied and in contact with yourself.

Healing Massage Utrecht |

Holistic bodywork

Healing Humanity through Touch. During a healing we work with both your physical body by means of touch and massage. Your energetic and emotional body, to release what is stuck and wants to flow through. For more relaxation, peace, awareness and self-insight.

Don’t expect a "normal" or fullbody massage. It’s a healing with touch, some massage techniques are used to free the blockages in your body. Some sessions have more movement, some are more quite depending on what your body tells and asks for. A treatment is on clothes. Please wear light and comfy clothes, if possibe without a lot of buttons and zippers.

1 hour - €65,-

1,5 hour - €90,-

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Women's cirkel Utrecht

I like to guide women's circles because there is something special about being together only with women, especially when space is genuineness, vulnerability, craziness, love and uniqueness. At this moment the circle's are in Dutch. Please let me know if you're interested in a english circle.

Holistic and Natural Horsemanhip

Not only do I work with the energy of people, also the energy and body language between human and horse. If you are looking for a horseinstructor that works in a natural horsmanship way, horsefriendly, with focus on body awaress , body language and energy, .For groundwork, clickertraining an riding. More about this in dutch

lichaam energie healing

I love to guide people "to come back into their bodies." It's nice to feel how the body relaxes and releases. I keep finding it special to hear back how the healing has helped people in different ways in their lives.

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I'am situated near Utrecht, Maarssen, Tienhoven, next to the Maarssenveenscheplassen