I now feel lighter and the pain is gone

april 12, 2021 irene
Emilia Kotiranta
Bournemouth University
12 april 2021
I now feel lighter and the pain is gone

I had been experiencing quite some pain on my lower back. After commencing the healing massage, I entered a state of my usual concerns related with expectations regarding myself, with eventually steering into different phases in my life. Before I knew it, I was completely immersed in situations from my past that I had subconsciously associated with pain and sadness. Irene’s energy made me feel such safety that I felt completely held by her, and that it was finally okay for me to explore these feelings associated with these moments. In a moment of such vulnerability, I felt completely safe and embraced with love. Irene’s intentions are so pure, warm and loving and she made me feel truly seen. I now feel lighter and the pain is gone. I am very grateful for having met her.