Transformational journey with Irene: Deepening the bond between me and my horse

mei 18, 2023 irene

Within short time she is able to connect with each horse and after working closely with a horse for a month you can already feel the difference in their behaviour, their willingness to learn and their joy to connect with humans. Irene has the ability to observe and mirror her student’s work and support them in finding their own way of connecting with the horses by guiding in an open-minded way. She freely shared her knowledge with me and then helped me find my own way by stepping back and giving me the self-confidence to explore and bring my energy in tune with the horse. She encourages her students to find their own way and language and she taught me that is it important to stay in the flow and stay flexible to what works or me with each horse individually. Irene will teach you a toolbox that equips you do take tools from it and make them your own whenever you need it.